“I never met a cupcake I didn't like”



Whether it's for a bridal shower, birthday, office party or just for yourself, we can provide the perfect cake treat for you.

Individual favours


The minimum order for mini cupcakes is 24 per flavour (starting from $2 each)

The minimum order for a regular cupcakes is 12 per flavour (starting from $3 each)



The minimum order for regular cake pops

is 12 per flavour (starting from $4 each)

Mini Cheesecakes and Tarts:

The minimum order for mini cheesecakes and tarts is 12 per flavour (starting from $5.50 each)

(Please ask for flavours and topping options)

Parfait Cups:


The minimum order for mini parfait cups (3 oz) is 20 per flavour (starting from $3.75 each)

The minimum order for full size parfait cups (5 oz) is 12 per flavour (starting from $6 each)

Cake Gems:


The minimum order for mini cake gems is 24 per flavour (starting from $2 each)

The minimum order for full size cake gems is 12 per flavour (starting from $4.00 each)

Cakesicles and Chocolate hearts:

The minimum order for cakesicles and chocolate hearts is 10 per flavour (starting from $5.00 each)



The minimum order of 24 for $24 


Ask us about our dessert spread packages.



Cupcake Tasting Box

 8 cupcakes: $45

12 cupcakes: $55

(including contactless delivery within Calgary)

(Learn More)


Dessert Bar:

Signature designed desserts made to compliment your cake 

Option 1: Cakepops, Cookies, Macarons and Cupcakes

Option 2: Parfait cups, Cupcakes, Mini cupcakes, Cookies, Macarons  and Cakepops

Option 3: Parfait cup, Cupcakes, Mini cupcakes, Cookies, Cakepops, Tarts or Cheesecakes, Macarons and Cake gems

(Ask for pricing) 

Dessert spread and boxes