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“I never met a cupcake I didn't like”



Whether it's for a bridal shower, birthday, office party or just for yourself, we can provide the perfect cake treat for you.


The minimum order for mini cupcakes is 24 per flavour (starting from $2 each)

The minimum order for a regular cupcakes is 12 per flavour (starting from $3 each)



The minimum order for regular cake pops

is 12 per flavour (starting from $4 each)

Mini Cheesecakes and Tarts:

The minimum order for mini cheesecakes and tarts is 12 per flavour (starting from $5.50 each)

(Please ask for flavours and topping options)

Parfait Cups:


The minimum order for mini parfait cups (3 oz) is 20 per flavour (starting from $3.75 each)

The minimum order for full size parfait cups (5 oz) is 12 per flavour (starting from $6 each)

Cake Gems:


The minimum order for mini cake gems is 24 per flavour (starting from $2 each)

The minimum order for full size cake gems is 12 per flavour (starting from $4.00 each)



The minimum order of 24 for $24 


Cupcake Tasting Box

 8 cupcakes: $45

12 cupcakes: $55

(including contactless delivery within Calgary)

(Learn More)


Dessert Bar:

Signature designed desserts made to compliment your cake 

Option 1: Cakepops, Cookies, Macarons and Cupcakes

Option 2: Parfait cups, Cupcakes, Mini cupcakes, Cookies, Macarons  and Cakepops

Option 3: Parfait cup, Cupcakes, Mini cupcakes, Cookies, Cakepops, Tarts or Cheesecakes, Macarons and Cake gems

(Ask for pricing) 


To help inspire you, have a browse through our favours gallery!

Please note that we are more than able to design and create whatever you want


Individual favours

Pack favours

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